Tuzlanska – traditional


Turist salt is fine table salt of high quality. It is meant for everyday household use, picnics and similar consumption. Its packed in 250 g pack.

Tuzlanska – dietary


In accordance with market trends and customers’ demands our experts have developed special Diet salt. It contains lower levels of natrum and more kalium in the percentage determined by the experts. Doctors advise using this type of salt to people who have high blood pressure, diabetes, problems with hart, kidneys and blood vessels. It is also recommended to healthy people, especially children and pregnant women.

It can be used in everyday cuisine instead of regular salt. It has been approved by the Federal department for health in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is packed in 250 g packages.

Tuzlanska – salt with herbs


Thirty-year-old tradition of spices production and new customers’ demands initiated our experts to combine Tuzla salt with different spices into high-quality mixtures. These are packed by 250 g.
Our latest product is Salt with herbs, a mixture of natural herbs and salt without any additives. It is intended as taste and smell intensifier in any type of soups, sauces and salads.

Basic product data

Product Pack Barcode
no kg no kg
Tourist salt 250 g 15 3,75 160 600 3870009000144

Diet salt

250 g 15 3,75 160 600 3870009000427

Salt with herbs

200 g 15 3,00 160 480 3870009000519

Product quality control

Quality control of all input, processed and output products is the basis process in Solana aimed at guaranteeing the quality of all Solana’s products. Quality control is performed in private laboratories, continually during all production phases, and at the same time quality is validated in other laboratories as well.

Brand portfolio


The wide brand portfolio of our products, with different purposes of use and customization of product packaging, fully meets all market requirements, both for industrial needs and for the needs of end consumers.