Salt tablets

Salt tablets are produced from industrial non-iodinated salt that has high level of purity and can be used in demineralisation of water. Salt tablets are used in pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and other industrial areas. Tablets come in two sizes: Ø 16 mm and Ø 25 mm. The size determines the time needed for dissolution, which makes it more economical than crystallized salt. it is packed in polyethylene bags of 20 kg. However, there is higher demand of salt tablets, for example in dishwashing machines, so Solana is creating own brand SOLAT that is going to be packed by 1,5 kg. This proves determination of workers in Solana to satisfy the customers’ demands.

Basic product data

Product Pack Barcode
no kg no kg
Salt tablets 20 kg 1 20 48 960 3870009000663

Product quality control

Quality control of all input, processed and output products is the basis process in Solana aimed at guaranteeing the quality of all Solana’s products. Quality control is performed in private laboratories, continually during all production phases, and at the same time quality is validated in other laboratories as well.

Brand portfolio


The wide brand portfolio of our products, with different purposes of use and customization of product packaging, fully meets all market requirements, both for industrial needs and for the needs of end consumers.