Table salt

Table salt

Table salt is one of the rear authentic Bosnian products that has centuries-long tradition and high quality. It takes place on regional and European markets for number of years. its high quality and great chemical purity ensures leading market position and respectfully carries the epithet of unique quality. The amount of iodine is adjusted according to laws and regulations of the country of import. There are two types of packaging, for wide use in packs of 1 kg, 5 kg i 10 kg; and food industry of 25 kg, 50 kg and 1000 kg.

Basic product data

Product Pack. Barcode
no kg no kg
Table salt 25 kg 1 25 40 1000 3870009000052
Table salt 50 kg 1 50 21 1050 3870009000069
Table salt 1000 kg 1 1000 1 1000 3870009001035

Product quality control

Quality control of all input, processed and output products is the basis process in Solana aimed at guaranteeing the quality of all Solana’s products. Quality control is performed in private laboratories, continually during all production phases, and at the same time quality is validated in other laboratories as well.

Table salt


This is high-quality salt produced by evaporating natural salty water in strictly controlled conditions. Our salt is fine crystal white and easy to dose and use. Continual monitoring of salt production is realised through automatic control of dosing the KIO3, monitoring the equipment and validating the process.If used in recommended amounts, table salt contributes to human health and prevents many problems that lack of iodine input can cause. This type of salt is used for human diet as food additive and in mixtures as a base for spices and carrier of vitamins and minerals.

Physical and chemical characteristics of products

NaCl to 99,7%
Jod (KIO3) on demand
E 536 to 10 mg/kg
Ca 0,005%
Mg 0,012%
Humidity to 0,15%
Granolumetric composition < 0,4 mm 80-90% >0,4 mm 10-20%