Spice "Do-Do začin"


Spice “Do-Do začin” is universal spice made on recipe of culinary experts. It is a mixture of joy and quality so it adds distinguishing taste of Bosnian culinary tradition. Since it is made of recognisable Tuzla salt and best-quality dried vegetables (root, leaf and berries) it surely deserves the epithet of superior and unique Bosnian spice. Universal Do-Do začin is packed by 250 g, 500 g and 1000 g.

Basic product data

Product Pack Bar code
no kg no kg
“Do-Do Začin” spice 250 g 16 4 112 448 3870009000182
“Do-Do Začin” spice 500 g 12 6 90 540 3870009000199
“Do-Do Začin” spice 1 kg 8 8 65 520 3870009000205

Product quality control

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Brand portfolio


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