Business tradition since year 1885. 

Solana (founded 1885.) has always been a regional industrial leader. It has always had well-planned and socially responsible business politics with complete implementation of market principles, permanent investments into modernization of production machinery, and good human resources leadership, which all led to a better performance efficiency and market expansion thus establishing itself as a crucial salt producer on the south-eastern European market.

Nowadays, as a respectable market orientated company it has created a precondition for new trade marks development and, due to numerous good practices and experiences, has become a positive example to other companies.


Our mission is producing and selling salt and salt based products following the defined quality standards in order to fully meet customers’ demands. We want to offer fast and efficient response to customers’ demands at the same time with offering business transparency and strong trademark so we would keep leading market position and buyers’ trust.


Every day we thrive to develop new, better business methods so we would remain a true leader on the south-eastern European market. By investing in development, modernisation and environment protection we want to make everyone aware of environmental issues and ways to increase energy efficiency.


  • Safe and reliable production which meets quality standards and doesn’t harm the environment.
  • Fulfilling the needs and interests of the buyers.
  • Better business efficiency.
  • Competitive products.
  • Better energy efficiency in all aspects of production and work.
  • Positioning itself on a reginal market as a leader.