Chemical dissolvers, that is salts, are substances which have physical property to decrease the temperature of frozen water and defrost ice on temperatures lower than the point of freezing. There are several salts that cause this process, but due to ecological and economical reasons chlorides are mainly used, most often NaCl, CaCl2 i MgCl2. Solana is one of the rear salt producers in the world that make highly ecological travel salt with percentage of 0,008% insoluble substances, while it is common to have 2% of heavy materials (which means that 1000 kg of salt will contain 20 kg of dirt). Another advantage of Solana is fine granulation that enables faster reactions on lower temperatures and easier spreading. This type of salt is packed in polyethylene bags of 25 kg, 50 kg, big bags of 1000 kg or it can be transported in cisterns or waggons.